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  1. "PINK" was produced in 2007-2009 by Loud Pictures and distributed by Generate.

  2. The show is represented by United Talent Agency.

  3. All 3 seasons are available to buy now on Vimeo On-Demand and Amazon Prime

  4. Where can I see Bonus Features? There are several video extras available on the Vimeo show page (a few are free and others require purchase of the series).

  5. Is the original web series on Hulu now? Nope, unfortunately Hulu moved away from short form series in the past several years.

  6. Can I buy a DVD or Blu-Ray of the 3 seasons? We wish! But, we never produced one as this was a "digital series" made for the web.

  7. And before you ask... No, there are no plans to do another season, although movie ideas have been considered. So if you know a producer interested... :)


Please visit the About page for other details and fun show facts. Thanks!

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